Soggy - Soggy - limited edition silver vinyl

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Finally here, the definitive collection from the French cult band Soggy! Formed in 1978, Soggy quickly developed a unique style of Stooges infused punk and hard rock. This collection of 11 tracks, including both songs found on their highly sought after "Waiting For the War" 7" was released a few years back in France and immediately slipped out of print, and now commands big bucks in collector circles. It seemed insane that a band of Soggy's stature had nothing in print, so we've re-released this LP on white vinyl with black splatter, and a limited edition of just 300 copies on silver! For a very limited time we have a special offer of cheaper shipping of the silver copies for our UK/European customers, but please note, the UK/Euro special is for the silver vinyl only and can't be combined with any other titles. We also have a bundle available to buy the silver and the white/black splatter vinyl together for a great price. Finally, check out the video, filmed on French TV in 1981!