PETYR - PETYR is a San Diego psychedelic hard rock band fronted by pro skater Riley Hawk. Steeped in equal parts hard rock and skateboarding, the band draws influence from the likes of Japanese psychedelic masters Flower Traveling Band, the hardness of Black Sabbath and the vibe of hometown scene godfathers Earthless


SOGGY - Formed in 1978, Soggy quickly developed a unique style of Stooges infused punk and hard rock. In April of '81 they're now classic "Waiting For the War" 7" was released but by 1982 it was over for this French band. Over the years their cult status has grown exponentially, with original pressings now trading for crazy money in collector circles, so we at the label decided it was time to get this classic back in print.


ARCTIC - Figgy, Nuge and Frecks, the three best skaters in the business, get together and release their debut LP under the name Arctic. Heavy, sludgy, stoner psych, Arctic are out to crush your skull! 


OBLITERATIONS -  The story is rather simple... Obliterations came together in a mere two rehearsals in late 2012.  Stephen McBean (Black Mountain) & Austin Barber (Saviours) both individually relocated to Los Angeles, CA and continued to cross paths with friend Sam James Velde (Night Horse). The three had known each other for years  continually intersecting over various tours, etc. All three of em quickly discussing similar music tastes reaching from the obvious hardcore and punk to obscure psych or even early 80s british shoegaze. The three decided to jam on a whim one Saturday after talking about the idea over beers at divvy LA watering hole. Two rehearsals later they had 4 songs in the can. They recorded them quickly before their other respective bands left on winter tours, without any real intent. The results were inspiring. The next thing they all knew they had a new band.
Obliterations plays heavy on classic punk and hardcore like every era of Black Flag, Jerry's Kids, Born Against or Poison Idea. But the band is quick to reference Alice Cooper, The Stooges or The Laughing Hyenas as inspiration. The blueprint isn't the point here, its the results. The sound is abrasive and raw, driving and aggressive, yet catchy? Obliterations have no grand scheme other than to play as much as possible anywhere and everywhere. The band has already created a small frenzy in Los Angeles with a chaotic live show and have shared the stage with The Black Lips, Trash Talk, J. Mascis, Bleached, and Antwon in their only 6 show existence.



GRIM TOWER is the collaborative project ofStephen McBean from Black Mountain (vocals/guitar/synths) andImaad Wasif (vocals/guitar). The album, called Anarchic Breezes, was written around thecentral idea of a New Acoustic Death Folk, yet could be heard as equal parts Harry Smith and Harry Pussy. Both songwriters come together on “Anarchic Breezes” to explore a mutual interest in the darker traditions of song and detuning found in the American Primitive Archives. The album features the ancillary rhythm section of Rob Barbato (bass) and Dan Allaire (drums), also L.A. musicians with roots deep in the modern psych movement. The two voices on this album serve as mediums to a yet unheard music. Let the free ride the breeze. 


DUSTY SKULL is rock, plain and simple. Featuring Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless & Howlin' Rain, Graham Clise from Annihilation Time, Lecherous Gaze and Witch, Dave Sweetapple from Sweet Apple and Witch, Terri Christopher from 27 and Craig Behrhorst from The Ruffians, Dusty Skull play that mash-up of Thin Lizzy, Pink Fairies and Abrasive Wheels that you've always wished existed. 



In June of 2011, DINOSAUR JR recorded a legendary performance at the 9:30 Club, a blistering set consisting of their classic Bug LP played live from start to finish. Professionally recorded that night and now mastered exclusively for vinyl, the record comes in a beautiful silkscreen cover designed by Marq Spusta. BUG: LIVE is now available in an insanely limited run of just 200 copies on - what else could it be but j's favorite color - purple vinyl!



It was the summer of 1984, and a teenage j Mascis was bored. Sure, his band Deep Wound were still playing shows and melting faces.  That band would prove to be one of hardcore’s seminal influences, but j didn’t know that then. Disillusioned with the direction that most of his hardcore heroes had taken, he wanted to start something new. He wanted to shed the pretentiousness and elitism that had risen around him  - to slow things down and turn the volume way, way up. This new band would influence generations of disenfranchised youth while tipping their hat to their heroes of years past, before punk existed. And so: he needed a band.

He remembered a couple kids from his early high school days – stoner kids he’d always admired for their “who gives a shit” attitude. Those kids, Johnny Pancake and Pete Cougar, had been kicked out of marching band for smoking weed out of a tuba. Way better musicians than the marching band deserved, they’d formed a duo that was all rhythm section – no vocals, no guitar, a sick, punchy brew of Band of Gypsies and Japanese hard psych (Johnny’s uncle was a US Marine stationed on Okinawa in 1973. From his frequent visits to Tokyo, he brought home a killer psych record collection. And a mean dose of the clap). These were the guys he needed. He rounded them up and it soon became obvious that the heavy rhythms they created were the perfect backdrop to young Mascis’ insane, fluid ability on the guitar. The trio came up with six blistering tracks, named themselves Heavy Blanket, and set a date to record.

But then, tragedy struck. Johnny hit his head and nearly drowned while swimming in an old stone quarry in southern Vermont. His recovery was… incomplete. He gave up playing altogether and became something of a recluse, retreating to the relative safety of his grandmother’s basement. Disheartened by Johnny incapacitation, Pete moved out to Ohio to work in his uncle’s second-hand furniture store. He later did a stint in federal prison for repeatedly passing low-denomination counterfeit bills at the local Stop’n’Shop. Mascis went on to form Dinosaur jr, and the rest is history. The boys lost touch, and those blistering tracks were lost to history.

Fast forward to the winter of 2011. While on his semi-annual ski retreat to Stowe, Mascis runs into an old friend. Johnny had emerged from his grandmother’s basement (having been forced to, once her demise stopped the flow of milk and sandwiches to his underground lair) and taken a job grooming the ski trails with a Snowcat. Convinced his long-ago accident was the handiwork of those schemers in Pearl Jam, Johnny begged j to reform the band. It was the only way to get back at them, he insisted. A quick search of Ohio prison records turned up Pete, living in a halfway house in Columbus. After securing the proper permissions from his parole officer, Pete boarded a Greyhound with the only recording of Heavy Blanket in existence – an old practice cassette. Building off those old tune structures, the boys – now men – have finally succeeded in fulfilling the promise of that long past summer.