Shark Move - Ghede Chokra's LP

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     Shark Move’s Ghede Chokra’s is a slab of raging psych straight out of early 70’s Indonesia! Recording Ghede Chokra’s (translated from the Sanskrit as the Great Session) in 1970, Shark Move unleashed their psych masterpiece on the world the next year on their own tiny label with an edition of just 100 copies. From these small beginnings the Shark Move legacy grew exponentially, first within the Indonesian scene, and then around the world with Ghede Chokra ultimately becoming the holy grail for crate diggers searching for early psych. The classic “Evil War’ was featured on Now Again’s seminal “Those Shocking Shaking Days” compilation and, recognizing a killer riff when he hears one, Madlib lifted the track wholesale for his “City” single in 2013. Check our Shark Move's original track below. With original copies of Ghede Chokra’s now trading hands for used car prices, we decided it was time to step in and reissue this monster. There are just 500 copies of this reissue, pressed on blue vinyl with white splatter, and a chunk of them are dedicated to their fans in Indonesia, so don't miss your chance. The Shark Move LP can also be purchased together with both Mooner LPs in our Indo triple pack for a great price!