Outer Battery Records

Back in March 2013 while Dinosaur Jr were on tour in Australia, j stopped by the shop to play an intimate and very loud in-store as his alter ego Heavy Blanket. Bringing heavy psych, guitar solos and noise - lots of noise - together in an amalgam of pure music, it was the first time anywhere that Heavy Blanket had performed live.

Bringing everything together on March 14th at Tym guitars in Brisbane, Australia the result was something to behold. The shop was packed and the stage was set up with over 300W's of valve power just for j to wail through while Graham had fourteen 10"s speakers pumping out the bass.

The result is 25 minutes of volume and screeching Jazzmaster backed by a heavy, driving rhythm section. The show was professionally recorded to 16 track and captured for future generations to be in awe of.

Written by John Pastore — February 23, 2014