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 Against the Glass, released by Vancouver’s Zulu Records in 1985, is a classic case of a band and a record being too far ahead of its time. Slow played around the Pacific Northwest in ‘85/’86, famously shutting down Vancouver’s Expo 86 festivities and landing themselves in police custody for obscenity charges. They made their way across Canada in the summer of ’86 and every one who saw them knew they were witnessing a band poised for greatness – but alas, Canada is a small market and, outside of a few shows in Seattle, they broke up before they could take their explosive live show into America. The early Seattle grunge community was listening though, and original copies of Against The Glass were passed around amongst those musicians like a holy relic. Everyone who saw them live was changed forever, Stephen McBean from Black Mountain was just a teenager when he saw them and this is what he told us...

"I was too young to differentiate the Iggy or Exile era Stones references, all I knew was the singer was crazy and they had some meaty, big, and bouncy riffs, so fuckin' A right, eh? 

In a true, passing of the torch moment, the opening act for Slow’s final show was Green River, a band known as the godfather’s of grunge, who, after breaking up, splintered into Mudhoney and Pearl Jam.

Original Screaming Trees drummer Mark Pickerel told us that Mark Lanegan had a cassette of "Against The Glass" on constant repeat on tour the bus back in those days, and Kim Warnick from The Fastbacks summed things up nicely with this quote: "BEST BAND EVER"

In fact your Outer Battery head honchos caught them on their one and only tour 30-something years ago, and that was enough for us to jump at the chance to get this record in your hands. We have just 100 copies on a special, limited edition red vinyl, do not miss out on this one. Check out the track below!