Sad Planets - Akron Ohio LP - metallic silver vinyl

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Debut album by Sad Planets, featuring Patrick Carney from the Black Keys and John Petkovic from Cobra Verde and Sweet Apple.  With their debut LP Sad Planets roll out its brand of  "psychedelic trash" a mix of psych, pop, garage and experimental rock that pairs hook-heavy songwriting with Eno-esque synths and layers of guitars, check out the track below. As icing on the cake, Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis adds guitar to the album. We've secured a handful of the limited edition metallic silver vinyl, and since this record has couple of our favorite artists we have got some great bundle deals for you! We dug deep into our warehouse and found the last copies we have of both of our Sweet Apple 7"s, so you can pick up the Akron Ohio LP by itself or with either our Elected single from Sweet Apple, or our Elected 7" and the long out of print Wish You Could Stay single! In celebration of J adding some killer guitar to the record, you can also bundle Akron Ohio with our live Dinosaur Jr LP for a great price! For those of you living in the UK and Europe we have copies of both Akron Ohio and the bundle with Dinosaur Jr available with a special shipping rate, but if you order the Sweet Apple 7" bundle then they have to ship from NYC.

The Sad Planets street date is April 19th, these will start shipping in early April!