Pharlee - S/T LP - snow white vinyl

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Pharlee is a heavy-fuckin’-riff-ridin’ machine. The group was forged in the middle of the white-hot psychedelic jam scene in San Diego, California by members of Harsh Toke, Sacri Monti, Joy and our very own Arctic. Propelled by the powerfully emotional voice and fiery wail of blues-rock banshee Macarena Rivera, Pharlee calls its energetic sound "psychedelic speed rock", check out the track below!

We've got a limited number of copies of the first pressing of their debut album, pressed on snow white vinyl, and in celebration of Figgy being in both bands, we bundled it together for a great price with the Arctic LP, also pressed on snow white vinyl! We have copies available from our European mail order for those of you living in the UK/Europe, but unfortunately the Arctic bundle only ships from our NYC office.

The Pharlee street date is April 5th and will start shipping now!