Outer Battery Records

OFF! - Live at 9:30 Club LP

It's back, a very limited re-press of the Live at 9:30 LP from OFF! Not a day has gone by in the past few years without someone asking us to get this sucker back in print, and we finally made it happen. Pressed on 4 split colors, each one hand picked by the band members. You get 'The Mario' on purple and green, 'The Steven' on white and orange, 'The Dimitri' on black and white, and 'The Keith' on pink and black. You can buy them individually or bundle them together for the full band package at a great price. If you do buy the full band package then you also get a strip of the band member stickers.

For the diehard OFF! fan we also have a special version that we're certain will sell out in under an hour, and most likely crash our server at the same time! We have a crazily limited 5th color, green with orange splatter. There are just 100 copies of this special version, 50 for sale by us, and 50 for sale by the band on the road. It comes housed in a hand screen printed cover. You also get a band patch and sticker, a sticker of the cover and a 19" x 25" poster of the Raymond Pettibon cover illustration. THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT!!!!

For you European OFF! fans, we also have copies of the band member versions available in our UK/European mail-order department. Just select the version that says "Special UK/Euro shipping rate" and you'll be able to get a copy with a much lower shipping charge than if it was being mailed from America!