Boris/Heap - Split 7"

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Big news in the Outer Battery world, we're really excited to announce the return of J Mascis' Baked Goods record label! J will be making all the A&R decisions while we will handle the day-to-day work of getting the records out to you. We're going to have some big announcements with the label coming soon, but J wanted us to sneak out this teaser release first, and what a release it is... Featuring Japan's Boris and Heap from NYC, this 7" is a tribute to Boris and Dinosaur Jr's long time soundman, Noel Ford. With only 500 copies pressed on purple vinyl, and only available directly from Outer Battery, this single is a little teaser of what is soon to come on the Baked Goods label. Below is a clip of the Boris track, "Big Peach", enjoy!