Arik Roper - Sun of Midnight art folio #2

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The second installment of Arik Roper's Sun of Midnight art folio is here! As wth the first one, Sun of Midnight #2 is a set of limited edition unpublished prints of Arik Roper paintings. Each folio contains twelve 9”x12” high quality prints on 15 point velvet cover stock with soft touch coating inside a Lux 10x13 Garnet linen envelope, silk screened at Monolith Press. Each one comes with a 3.5 inch vinyl sticker, is signed by Arik, hand numbered to 200 copies and is stored in a clear re-sealable sleeve. We still have a handful of copies of the first folio so if you didn't pick it up at the time then we've got it bundled together with the second folio for a great price!