Sweet Apple - Elected

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Well into the recording session for Sweet Apple's upcoming full length (due February 12th on Outer Battery) the band decided they needed to blow off some steam and record a couple of cover songs. It's all about childhood influences - and for John Petkovic and Tim Parnin, with the 2012 elections looming, the clear choice was to record Alice Cooper's "Elected" - bigger than the Billion Dollar Babies version and timed just right.         

Meanwhile Dave and J, deep in the early 80's Punk and Oi of their youth, chose Anti Pasti's "No Government" as the B-side, with J grabbing the guitar and producing the meanest sound he's had since "You're Living All Over Me" era Dinosaur Jr. With both songs on tape, we here in the Outer Battery camp have decided to release them as a super limited 7", packaged in a sleeve inspired by those classic No Future singles. With just 200 copies on orange vinyl and 500 on green these won't last long, and they didn't, we are now sold out of the limited orange vinyl!