OM - Live LP

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Inspired by those classic 70’s bootlegs, Al from OM wanted to capture the raw live feel of their 2013 European tour on vinyl. Housed in a plain white sleeve with a paste on wraparound cover, OM - Live harkens back to the days when you rifled through the back bins of your local record store searching for the latest “import” releases from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. We’ve kept that Trademark of Quality spirit with this release... limited to only 200 copies on Panama Red vinyl and 800 on Acapulco Gold colored vinyl, there will be small amount of the Acapulco Gold vinyl in stores in January, the Panama Red is only available from Outer Battery!

We are now completely sold out! 

Recorded 30 November 2013 at De Kreun, Kortruk, Belgium

Tracklisting A) Sinai

                        Meditation Is the Practice of Death

                   B) Cremations Ghat I

                        Bhimas Theme