Outer Battery Records

    Dusty Skull is rock, plain and simple. Featuring Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless & Howlin' Rain, Graham Clise from Annihilation Time, Lecherous Gaze and Witch, Dave Sweetapple from Sweet Apple and Witch, and Terri Christopher from 27, Dusty Skull play that mash-up of Thin Lizzy, Pink Fairies and Abrasive Wheels that you've always wished existed. With incredible cover art from Alan Forbes (Queens of the Stoneage, Black Crowes, etc) we have just 500 copies of this 7" for sale - 100 on red, 200 on blue and 200 on white. The blue and white copies will be available in select stores in September but are available right now from us, the red vinyl can only be purchased from our site!

Written by John Pastore — August 27, 2012